Security analysis by P3 Security

Optimum protection – from the outset.

Security is not an optional feature or a matter of opinion, because the fear for life and limb impairs the quality of life. The effective protection of people, objects and events begins at P3 Security with a detailed security analysis. Dwelling on it, we develop a tailor-made and integrated security concept.

Services in the area of security analysis

Key elements of security analysis at P33 Security:

  • risk analysis regarding the possible hazard to all involved people and properties
  • determining the protection goal
  • safety and protection measures (e.g. fire protection, evacuation plan)

Operational control and resource planning are aligned with this security concept and an individual action plan is drawn up. Based on this a work instruction is provided. The order management is personally controlled by the P3 Management. All detailed documentation can be consulted at any time. We ensure that all security services meet the highest security standards.

A good decision for sure!

With many years of experience, we know where the dangers lurk and what measures can effectively remedy them. As part of our security package for events we are developing security zones and emergency exits, to give but one example. We also start with identifying the weak points in property protection. P3 Security ensures effective security so that you can feel secure and undisturbed in your professional and private environment. We do this with all the necessary care, always remaining discreet and reliable.
Because your safety is our main concern!

We know how to do it better.

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