Our security service provider’s reliability is important to us. How do you manage your employees’ registration and remuneration?

We can only ensure the high quality of our services in the long term with motivated, well-trained employees. We demand a lot from our team but we also pay attention to good working atmosphere and respectful collaboration with each other. We reward our service experts appropriately and of course fulfil all legal and police regulations (security analysis, transportation of valuables, personal security, VIP security, event security for all kinds of events, security guards, plant security, property security, security technology, shuttle service, house sitting, security for families). We will be pleased to provide you with all necessary certificates and licenses on request. 

How flexible are you if we need security services or personal protection at short notice?

IIn case of emergency you simply contact the P3 Security experts and they will be there. Normally, however, we need more preparation time to meet your requests, because really good security services – such as transportation of valuables, VIP security, event security or property security – need to be meticulously prepared. Once we know your individual situation, we will prepare accordingly and will always be there when you need us. You can search and select our staff according to languages spoken, gender or clothing size, using our online scheduling. Flexibility also means that we are able to deal with all unexpected developments in the operation calmly and consistently, building on our experience.

We frequently have VIP guests from this country and from abroad. Can P3 Security meet these requirements?

Certainly! Our mission is the safety of your partners, visitors and guests. This includes friendly, helpful and reliable service, regardless of the person’s status. Our employees are fluent in German and English. Their most important ability is to be attentive, and even the most demanding guests will feel accordingly comfortable and secure.

For some of our tasks we need special equipment, for example an armoured vehicle with GPS monitoring. Do you have appropriate equipment?

Security service is based on accurate analysis of potentially hazardous situations. However, special equipment such as armoured vehicles, GPS systems or special monitoring devices is sometimes required. Many years of experience have shown us where we should supplement human ability with technical perfection. For more safety!

How many security guards are we going to need?

We determine this for you in the course of comprehensive safety analysis, P3 Security’s objective being as few people as possible and as many as absolutely necessary. We are aware of your expectations and are ready to be by your side bringing our experience, courage and top speed. This applies to matters of personal protection or security technology, house sitting and property protection as well as many other P3 Security services. We work seamlessly with the relevant authorities, the police and your own staff. This makes your planning more efficient and increases your security.